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wow was founded by Bo Krogsgaard and Anders Ibsen. Since 2004, Bo and Anders have been at the forefront of some of the most successful teams in online marketing and conversion, driving multimillion-dollar sales growth and visitors to e-commerce sites powered by Google Ads.

Google Ads is a brilliant, but complex tool. Its highly advanced algorithms make managing online advertising campaigns that drive traffic and convert into sales extremely tricky—it’s a system that’s hard to master unless you’re an expert. Bo and Anders saw that there was an increasing need for a tool that would take the pain away from the set-up and ongoing management of Google Ads campaigns for the small business owner. But, no such tool existed. So, they set out to create one...

Fast forward to 2016—the year wow was born! wow is a system that is super easy to use, fully optimized to help businesses grow. It has the intelligence to stop bidding on keywords that don’t convert and keep bidding on keywords that do. The wow tool helps you create the best text advertising campaign in just a few minutes. wow never rests, constantly learning and getting better, so you can focus on running your business without any worry.

Today, wow manages more than 1.7 billion keywords through its neural network, in over 50 languages. Built and run by an amazingly talented team of developers, online marketers and UX experts from all around the world, wow serves more than 50,000 happy online stores, while helping businesses grow each and every day.

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